10 Steps to Create a Tropical Christmas Ornament

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10 Steps to Create a Tropical Christmas Ornament

A beach, coastal or tropical Christmas theme is rather non-typical in the light of the more traditional red and green of the holly and the ivy. However, it can be unusual, original and a means to let your creativity shine. A coastal holiday décor relies more on texture and shapes than on an array of color.

If you love the sand and surf, there are so many cool things to collect while beachcombing to use in your holiday décor. Driftwood, surf-eaten shells and bits of coral can set the mood and bring back memories of warm, sun-kissed vacations. Craft ornaments to decorate a tree in keeping with a tropical Christmas. Below are directions to creating a tropical beach in a glass ball.


Clear glass ball ornaments


White iridescent glitter

Sheet of Paper and paperclip  OR small-neck funnel.

Assortment of seashells, sea glass, tiny starfish and sand dollars

Tacky glue

Q-tip swabs

½” wide paintbrush

Ball of coarse white twine (can be purchased at hardware store)

Silver, gold or copper metallic paint marker (optional)

If you live in a coastal area, you can collect sand and seashells from the beach. If you don’t, you can buy both at craft stores, along with clear glass ball ornaments.



  • Remove lid from glass ball

  • Mix iridescent glitter in with white sand

  • Curve sheet of paper to make a funnel and secure with paperclip – or use a small-neck funnel – to pour some of the sand mixture into the bottom of the glass ball. Fill the ball with about ½” of sand.

  • Next, drop in a few small shells and tiny pieces of sea glass.

  • Add small starfish and/or sand dollars, if desired.

  • Before replacing the metal top closure to the ornament, use a Q-tip swab to spread a bit of tacky glue around the neck of the ornament’s opening. Attach the metal cap with hanging loop back in place at the top of the ornament.

  • Load ½” paint brush with tacky glue and paint a ring about 1” wide around the perimeter of the base of the metal cap of the ornament.

  • Take the end of the ball of twine and set it in the crevice below the ornament’s cap. Press it securely up close to the cap and circle it around the cap. Continue to wind the twine around the top of the ornament working outward, pressing the twine into the inch-wide ring of tacky glue. You can add more glue if you need it as you go until you have a cap of twine the width you desire. Cut the string free from the ball of twine.

  • Use a Q-tip swab moistened in water to erase any extra smears of glue. Cut a length of twine and loop it through the top cap of the ornament and tie it to create a loop to hang the ornament.

  • Use a metallic paint marker to write beach-like messages around the middle of the ornament.


Suggested beach-like inscriptions:

My heart is at the beach

Give me the sun and the sea

I need the sea ~ It touches me

Home is where the waves crash

The voice of the sea speaks to the soul

Shore do wish you a Merry Christmas

Each day is like a newly found seashell

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