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Fishing Seasons

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Fishing Tournaments

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Types of Fishing Available

Bay fishing light tackle; live bait; back water; shallow water, casting Targeting-Trout, Redfish, Sheephead, Flounder, Black Snapper, Drum, etc.
Inshore trolling: 3-4 lines out; lures or live bait; boat in constant motion
Targeting – King Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel, Bonito, Jack Crevalle, Barracuda, etc.
Offshore trolling: longer trip, sport fishing, live bait and lures
Targeting – Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Wahoo, Marlin, King Mackerel, Black Fin Tuna
Shark Gulf fishing, within 3-5 miles, anchor and chum, large baits
Targeting- Mako, Bull, Dusky, Blacktip, Spinner, Tiger, and Sandbar sharks
Bottom Fishing
deep water, live or cut bait, fishing wrecks and reefs, year round Targeting-Variety of Snappers, Groupers, Triggers, Amberjack, and Lesser Amberjack
Overnight Trips
target larger bottom fish, Marlin, Swordfish, and Yellow Fin Tuna

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